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    Our craftsmanship:
    Repairs - High Restoration - Manufacturing
You enter an artisanal workshop of bow making

Our philosophy

Concentrate on bow making, and only on bow making, the workshop combines a set of activities to commit with customers on a simple idea: the service. This is from the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers that the company owes its reputation...

A shared experience:

Rich in experience, Sandrine Raffin restores the finest pieces of bow making and innovator in the creation of new models. Certified trainer and Maitre Artisan Craft Art, she also transmits her expertise and her knowledge to promising young bow makers.


Our work

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Share know-how

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The foremost listening
A team focused on quality

The bow is not an accessory

The bow is the extension of the arm and hand, the extension of your play, your interpretation. It conveys your passion for the instrument, vibrated it, reveals its qualities. No, the bow is not an accessory and be bow maker is truly a job ...

Sandrine Raffin   -   Manageress / Bow maker
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Remote work

Under certain conditions, you can send us your bows to repair. Contact us.

The "extras"

Cleaning and systematic varnishing of your bow. Lending a bow of courtesy on request.


Multilingual workshop:
french, english, spanish, italian

Public transports

Subway: Line M2 (Rome) Line M3 (Europe)
Bus 53 - Transilien: St Lazare Station (L or J)


To facilitate your timetable, we work with or without an appointment.

Satisfaction customers

12 months on 12, it is the priority of our workshop, whatever the problem.

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Our staff

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Bow maker and nothing else (almost)

Sandrine Raffin

Manageress / Bow maker
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Sergio Chanquia

Bow maker

Discover bow making?

Accredited vocational training, personal or academic courses, conferences: the workshop allows you to discover the art of bow making...

The mini-websites

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Our bows on the Web
  • "The Concertant was born from ideas exchanged, scribbled drawings, consulted musicians, around a flip chart and a few cups of coffee ..."

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    mini-website : LE CONCERTANT
    Atelier Sandrine RAFFIN - Archetiers
  • “The hands of a bow maker must learn and repeat ancestral gestures to achieve mastery of a craft of uncompromising art. This mastery deserves to be exposed ...”

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    mini-website : Gestures of bow maker
    Atelier Sandrine Raffin - Archetiers
  • “The SR model is inspired by the "French" elegance it highlights two small crystal bright on either side of its frog. But this is not its sole specificity ...”

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    mini-website : SR Model
    Atelier Sandrine Raffin - Archetiers

High quality bows all hand-made in France

New bows

Old fine bows

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Restored and authenticated
Archets anciens

Bows from Great Masters

Sandrine Raffin is also known for her know-how in sales and deposit-sales of old bows from Quartet. Do not hesitate to consult her ...

The catalog
Archets anciens

Restored as original

The workshop takes great care to make your bows retain their historical and aesthetic heritage value.

Gestures of bow maker


The old bows offered for sale are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity written by experts in bow making, independent of our workshop...

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Each bow (modern, baroque, classical) can be tried in our room used for this purpose. For trying in good conditions remember to book as soon as possible.


Works and services

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Simplexity: art of rendering simple some complicated things .
Fast time | recommended to take appointment
  • Repairs
  • Rehairing
  • Thumbgrip
  • Lapping
  • Head plate
  • Screw / nut
  • Etc.

  • Appointment
  • High restoration
  • Frog
  • Button
  • Stick
  • Lapping
  • Straightening / Recamber
  • Etc.

  • Appointments
  • Manufacturing
  • Inspiration "Greats Masters"
  • Frog copy
  • Contemporary bow
  • Classic bow
  • Barocco bow
  • Etc.

  • Appointments
  • Others services
  • Purchasing / Sales
  • Deposit-sales
  • Old fine bows
  • Collector's bows
  • Accessoiries
  • Training

  • Appointments

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